The journey from beginning as an idea and growing into a full-fledged company is long and eventful. This is the Rosentiques journey: one that spans four generations.


The great and well-remembered Amirchandji makes his way from Rajasthan to Lucknow: the city where Rosentiques’ foundations would be laid.


Amirchandji decides to start his own gems and jewellery business. His decision would mark the starting point of a new period in Rosentiques’ history.


Once again, a new chapter in the story of this enterprise: Amolakhchandji, Amirchandji’s son, joins his father's business. This would be a crucial phase for the company.


New horizons are explored by the company as Amolakhchandji starts doing business with royalty and even begins dealing in rare jewels.


Amolakhchandji makes his mark in a future home of Rosentiques. He launches his very own retail venture in the City of Nawabs.


The next generation takes over. Raja Nahar, Amolakhchandji’s son, inherits the business from his father; another huge beginning for the company.


The enterprise makes its way to India’s commercial capital, Mumbai. This would mark not just a change in location, but also the dawn of a whole new Rosentiques era.


Raja Nahar starts exploring the possibilities of exports for his enterprise: a business move that would pave the way for untold successes.


A momentous year for the company: the now celebrated name ‘Rosentiques’ is coined, and the first ‘Rosentiques’ showroom is launched and operated by Raja Nahar's wife Pratibha Nahar.


After studies at the GIA, Carlsbad, California and a Master’s in Finance in London, Siddharth Nahar joins his father’s business.


Shortly after, Adeesh, Siddharth’s brother joins the reigns, and another new era begins for the reputed jewellery company.


A new and crucial frontier: Rosentiques expands into the B2B space, a milestone reflecting major business progress and a whole new adventure for Team Rosentiques.


Another major milestone: the business gets a marketing division in Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai: an upscale neighbourhood with blooming trade possibilities.


Rosentiques gets associated with Platinum, and the company becomes the country’s first manufacturer of multiple kinds of jewels.


India’s very first B2B Jewellery Experience Boutique, by Rosentiques, opens at Kemp’s Corner: an outlet that’s sure to be the first of numerous in the Maximum City.


Mukhlasi Polki Jewellery, Amolya Diamond Jewellery and Nazaqat Jadau Jewellery

To be continued ...