The brand stands for the legacy that has been passed down over 4 generations, each one passing down its essence to the next generation which in turn evolves to add its own fervor thereby growing into a unique family matrix.

Staying true to its name, in its launch year ‘the legacy of Amolya’ begins by celebrating the concept of ’priceless-ness'. Since there is nothing better that could represent 'Amolya' than 'the gift of life' itself 'The legacy of Amolya' kick starts for priceless jewelry collections that represent the 4 elements of nature that make 'life' possible on this beautiful and unique planet Earth. .one of its kind in the whole universe.

When state-of-the art technologies, meticulous craftsmanship, and an eye for precision come together to create elegant pieces of jewellery, the result is Mukhlasi Polki Jewellery, by Rosentiques.

Mukhlasi is a range of fine jewellery fashioned through care for even the smallest nuance. That is why every finished piece is a masterpiece that’ll take your breath away in just a glance.

Mukhlasi brings you exquisite Indian jewellery finished in a contemporary fashion. Every design is marked by tradition and inspired by customs. The aim is always subtlety that reflects elegance. This is how we achieve enchanting results with Mukhlasi.

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